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Originally Posted by celts432
trade the pick package it with raef and get a vet. pg. to help delonte. I think Brevin knight is a good choice. Tell c's fans to be patient and let the kids grow.

Bobcats won't take Raef's salary(think he has 2-3 years left) and I wouldn't give the 7 pick and Raef for Brevin. He's not that good. I think we're fine with our PG situation for now. Delonte is a starter. It's funny how you guys dismiss a 6'4" 23 year old PG who averaged 12-5-4 on 48%-38% from 3-85% from FT. Over 1 SPG and under 2 TPG. In 34 MPG. That was only his second year.

But you're so quick to throw a potential superstar label at someone like Al Jefferson. Let me ask you something. Who has struggled more? Delonte or Al/Perk?

The answer is Al/Perk. Which is why we need a veteran big man to come in and help them along with their development. Adding a veteran PG isn't going to make this team much better.

Also, why is it that the C's seem to be looking at SG/SF in the draft? Could this mean we're getting serious about moving Pierce/Wally or does Danny just want us to have a logjam there?

EDIT: I'm not saying having a vet PG wouldn't help Delonte or that he doesn't need any help at all. I just don't think we should be giving up that much for a vet PG.
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