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In terms of winning, having a perimeter player who can shut down the opposition is more important than having a swingman that can score


Just one defender won't cut it son. A good shooter can light up a game within a matter of a few postions more then one player that tries to play good defense.

*Defending the perimeter doesn’t just prevent points to the other team, it disrupts passing lanes, changes the flow the game, and provides for key fastbreak points.

Again that good and all but what if you're other perimeter defender bites the big one and lets someone by? It then relys on the big men to help out. Big men playing solid defense on the inside makes a hole lot more difference then perimeter defenders on the outside. Where do most points come from? The inside.

Offense can come and go, but defense is constant as long as the player tries.

Having one good defender isn't isn't going to change much. The Pistons for example or spurs have a couple of good or great perimeter defenders not just one.

[quote]Defense will generate offense and having a perimeter shutdown player will provide for more efficient offense. [quote]

Agreed there but great offense is just as good because it allows players to get back on defense to.

A defensive player can often shut down a big time scorer, and disrupt the opponent’s gameplan.

Name one defensive player that can do this night in and night out just as much as Kobe Bryant scoring 30 nightly or even Lebron James. You can't. Even Bruce Bowen has nights where the scorer is just to great for him to contend with especially with the new hand checking rule.

A defensive player often has a pretty good feel for the game and is fundamentally sound.

This statement to me kind of is irrelevant because often a defensive player doesn"t have a fundametally sound game. Jesus Christ Bruce Bowen can only hit open threes and thats about it on offense , no fundamentals used there.

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