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Yea I posted alot for the first topic but basically I just let everything out right there which kind of gives you the advantage.If my style of writing gets to confusing just let me know sizzle and Ill change it .

Defensive players are a lot more don’t see many ron artests, bruce Bowens. Moreover, how many PGs do you see that are like kirk hinrich/Jason Kidd

Yes they are I'll agree on that. But that still doesn't make them more important than a guy who score 30 points per game at any given time from behind the line or back 17 feet from the basket.

That is one situation. I have a counter example. Back in 2002, Kobe Bryant had an amazing streak of 40 point games (9 in a row)..then came some called Ron Artest who held Kobe to 17 or 19 points something like that and pacers won the game. Artest’s determination along with his tenacious perimeter defense was able to bug Kobe in every way.

True . We could use examples all night long until Shogun looses his virginity.Point proven there but there are justas many if not more examples of offensive machines lighting up a game rather defensive players stopping a game.

One example being Lebron James scoring 44 points on Bowen.Another example being the guy he supposivly shuts down. Ray had a game where he had about 35 points in a win verse the Spurs. So you can go back and forth all night on players best defensive or offensive nights.

Well ok, kobe Bryant going up against Raja bell isn’t a fair comparison. Kobe was all nba 1st defensive team and all nba 1st team while raja was on none. Steve nash is not a big time scorer but rather a prolific pure PG...ill give you ray ray over bowen but anyways if there is a draft held, players like kobe,bron,wade,tmac will be picked up first yes, but they do a lot more than score..they are all well any case scenario when you put up a well rounded player like kobe,tmac,bron against a one dimensional player in raja…of course any sane person would take the former.

Raja has some offensive game , a little more then avg. I would say and Kobe, Wade and Tmac probably have a little better defense then a average player. So I would say they match up pretty well. Offense is looked upon as more valuable in todays NBA where fewer points are scored. Sorry to get off topic because it seems like we arguing which is better offense or Defense. Let me ask you this Sizz , Do you think Perimeter defenders are more important then Inside Defenders? I mean once you get past the first line of defense you have to have someone who can stop that person.

Raja cant stop a whole team by himself, but he can stop a perimeter scorer by himself. He gives Pheonix Suns a chance at a rebound and a fastbreak opportunity which they thrive on. True, that team defense is more important than individual defense but that’s not the argument here. Having a player that can shut down opposing players and play tough defense will provide for your team as a whole and makes it easier on your big men.

Same goes for a Offensive perimeter player . Him scoring points lets the other players get back on defensive without using much energy on the offensive side. I know its not the argument that team defense is more improtant then indivdiual offense but lets compare because this can be worked into the equation.

Team Defense is better then a individuals abitlty to play defense thats a known fact but When it comes to Team Offense or Perimeter Offense a player can make up for that whole offense .....So what I'm saying is Team Offense = A individual offense sometimes because that one player has the skills to take over the whole game from outside. That player is not required to maybe guard 2 players out on the perimeter which can be impossible but he can shoot over numerous good perimeter defenders with ease there .Get what I'm saying here a little bit? A players Perimeter offense can take control of the game more so then a perimeter defenders defense.

The handchecking rule that’s in place now actually favors my argument. By today’s rules, its a lot easier for a perimeter player to put up points…hell, there was 10 players last year averaging 25+ pts..all of them are perimeter oriented. The new rules make it so defenders are less favored, making it that much harder to find a tenacious hard nosed defensive player…

No it doesn't when you think about it as a whole. The argument that inside defenders are more valuable then perimeter defenders comes into because inside defenders make perimeter defenders less important because they are the last line of defense and basically guard where most of the points in a game are scored. So it basically just takes away the vaule of a perimeter defender. The hand checking rule makes perimeter defenders less valuable .The hand checking rule now basically defines whether you are a good defender or not. Man to man (without help d) defense really doesn't do all that much for teams now because of the rule.

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