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Default Re: how tall is blake griffin?

Originally Posted by lukeridnour08
Try telling that to Barkley who was what, 6"5?
Danny Fortson who is what, 6"6?
Congrats, you found the exceptions that prove the rule.

I never said every single great power forward is 6'9"-6'11".

But most are.

Charles Barkley compensated for his lack of height with several things:

-Hall of Fame ability.
-Weighing as much, or more, than most of his much taller counterparts, while maintaining excellent athleticism.
-Being able to play either forward spot.

Undersized power forwards can find a spot in the league. But it's usually not a starring role. If Blake Griffin is 6'10", he has a much better chance at being a star than if he's 6'7 1/2".
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