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Default Re: how tall is blake griffin?

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
Skill beats height any day of the week.
And a skilled 6'10" guy will usually beat a skilled 6'8" guy.

You're creating a false dichotomy here. No one's arguing "skill v. height." You usually need both.

The point is, Blake Griffin is a straight-up power forward. He doesn't have the perimeter game Beasley has. Beasley is worth a top-3 pick in a good draft no matter how tall he actually is, because even if he doesn't have the size to be a low-post anchor he is skilled enough to be a Melo-like small forward.

Blake Griffin's size is more important. He won't be able to play small forward. As I said, he's flat-out a 4. That's it. He'll need to make drastic developments in his game, particularly in his jump shot, if he isn't close to 6'10", like David West, Carlos Boozer and Elton Brand all did.

I'm not saying he can't. I'm just saying he has to do it.

Griffin has the strength and the skills to be a great player in the NBA...

Height doesn't mean sh!t when you can do this...
It matters when you're matched up with Tim Duncan, Amare Stoudemire or Dirk Nowitzki.

It matters when you're guarding NBA power forwards and centers on a nightly basis.

Again, quit creating this false dichotomy. If size didn't matter, they wouldn't measure them. It sounds nice and wonderful to say it doesn't matter, that skill is the only thing that matters.

It's just not true.

If you only have size, you damn well better know how to use it. If you only have skill, you damn well better have a helluva lot of it to overcome your lack of size.

If you're a Top 5 pick in the NBA Draft, you should have both. And yes, I realize there are exceptions to this. I realize there have been undersized players picked very high. In most cases, they were extraordinarily skilled and it truly didn't matter how big they were.

What you need to convince me of is that Blake Griffin is so overwhelmingly skilled that it doesn't matter if he's 6'7", 6'8" or 6'10". And I'm not convinced of that. He'd be a Top 5 pick in this draft if he was.

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