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Players like rodman and bowen were key players in helping their respective teams to win. You talked about how it helps the team as a whole. When you have one dedicated player that plays hard tenacious defense and takes the role of guarding superstar players…your offensive players dont have to work as much thus being more effective. Moreover, a defensive player will disrupt passing lanes, create steals/blocks, change the tempo of the game and always gives your team that mental edge…opposition knows they will have a tough matchup and always has that certain player on their mind. you cant see this on the box score but its there..

Yes but virtaully having a great perimeter scorer also does alot of the same things for the other end of the floor but doesn't have to endure as much energy because the offensive side takes less energy but is in a alot of cases harder to obtain( Having a good perimeter offense game rather then good perimeter defense).

Perimeter scorers are superstars because most of them do more than score and because fans came to see points being scored anyways. They didn’t come to see someone D up and prevent points. Any championship team has a tenacious perimeter defender but nor every championship team has a big time perimeter scorer…see pistons, spurs

I think you're missing a point here...theres a difference between perimeter scorers and perimeter superstars. perimtere scorers solely score the ball in bunches and are less rounded. players like ray allen, jason richardson, michael redd..those are scorers. moreover, the league is full of average defenders or poor defenders, most of your points are suggesting that any defender will do...we're talkin about shut down defenders here

An important point here that I would like to discuss, perimeter scorers may seem more important than perimeter defenders but you have to realize players like guys like allen,jrich,redd and even guys like kobe,tmac,bron can score that much because there isn’t that many good perimeter players in the league. The league is lacking good perimeter defensive players and the handcheckin rule isn’t helping. you average swingman today gives you 22,23 pts..

You can still see the effects of the great perimeter defensive players today...ron artest carryin the kings on his back and pretty much causing havoc to any scorer he goes up against, bruce bowen give spurs a lift with his defense i.e. holding kobe to a bad FG%..etc. the problem is there aren’t that many good perimeter defensive players that we often forget how important defense really is and how rare…

The part where you said the Spurs and Pistons don't have big perimeter scorers is wrong. The Pistons rely on Billups and Hamiton outside shots . The Spurs have Ginobli who is a big time perimeter scorer , he gets alot of points from the inside but a majority of them come behind the foul line and the 3 point line. Perimeter Scorers are more important also because they are the Stars. They are made into stars because they can shoot from the perimeter. Stars aren;t Bruce Bowen or James Posey. There abilities on defense just don't match and don't have the affect as what Kobe or Tmac Perimeter Offense do on the the other side.

Good hard nosed defenders ? Never seen one on a nightly basis in my entire life but I have seen guys like Kobe, Allen that go for 20-30 pts nightly basis.
Well great perimeter defenders might be rare but they are not needed in this age when the handchecking rule lets great scorers by pass people.Great perimeter defender or not you are not going to stop KOBE , LEBRON,R. ALLEN in all 3 games you play them maybe 1 or if you're lucky enough 2 but never 3, the offense gifted player is much more likely to score his points rather then you stopping him.

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