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Default 5 things the Nuggets should not do this offseason

Here are the five things the Nuggets BETTER NOT DO this offseason:

1. Not being able to sign J.R. Smith
If the Nuggets don't resign J.R. then I am really going to get pissed off at the organization and especially George Karl because we all know how much hate he has for J.R. If we don't sign him, then we may have lost a guy who could possibly be the next Kobe.

2. Trading Melo
Trading Melo is like the Lakers trading Kobe. It's not worth it. If you got a star player that can produce and take the team to the playoffs almost every year then keep him no matter what the cost.

3. Trade down in the draft
I know this is going to be one of the deepest drafts we will ever see in a long time, but how can you give up a pretty good draft pick to go down and you may lose a player that has so much potential.

4. Keeping Anthony Carter
He is a great athlete, but come on we all know he was playing in Spain last year before the Nuggets called him up and if he is playing in Spain instead of the NBA is really that good? His size killed us against the Lakers in the series. He plays pretty good defense, but his offense is a no show, more of inconsistency more than anything else.

5. Get Sam Cassell
He is old and doesn't like to pass, enough said. The only way he should come to Denver imo is if he is on the sideline coaching not in a uniform, but in a suit jacket with a tie.

Do you guys agree? If you want to add some more go ahead.

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