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Thing is Tmac, wade, kobe will always always have the upper hand on raja because of how well rounded they are, they don’t just any sane person would choose them over raja. Now if we match raja against a player who purely scores, then that would be a fair comparison. Perimeter defenders are more important than inside defenders imo…because the game today is dominated by perimeter players who have been given free spirit with the handchecking rules and once the perimeter defender gets beaten, the opposing player has many options…dish it out, drive the lane, or get to the foul line…moreover, inside defenders can get into foul trouble. Perimeter defenders can also dictate game tempo and disrupt passing lanes…but anyways the argument here isn’t inside vs. outside

Why I can't I use Kobe,T-Mac as examples of Perimeter scorers?I'm using the best of the best as my examples. So you want me to use 3point specialist for my examlpes instead of superstars that are just as good on the outside verses your best examples great perimeter defender? That would give you the upper hand but i'm not using them because they're are all perimeters scorers no matter if there a superstar or not.

Ok lets just use superstars that are really well rounded at shooting the three and not every other aspect of the game and compare him to a Raja Bell .Ray Allen a superstar, not well rounded a every aspect of the game, but he is a superstar LARGELY IN PART because he is the best in the game at catching and shooting over players on the perimeter. If he had couldn't shoot on the perimeter then he wouldn't even be a star let alone a superstar.

Stars are defined by putting up points because that’s what the fans want to see.

So your saying basically any player that can't put up points isn't a superstar? Totally untrue. Jason Kidd was/is a superstar and he can't shot well from the perimeter . John Stockton,Bob Cousy didn't put up points and i'd classify them as superstars.

Of course they are needed, they are needed more than ever. The game has become lopsided. Player score at will...every swingman in the league had a career yr last yr. tony parker damn near led the league in FG%. More Perimeter defenders are needed to fix this, or it’s going to become a clinic of players running around shooting all day. Perimeter defenders dictate the tempo and flow of the game, they set the tone for the defensive unit. Kobe,lebron,tmac can score all they want but it wont necessarily be efficient scoring, their TOs may be high, and it can ultimately affect the outcome of the game…its not just a matter of points vs. no points…

Well they're needed but it still doesn't X out the fact of great perimeter scorers effect the game more when have a great shooting game opposed to a great defender shutting down only 1 man.

The perimeter scorers does change the game more then just shooting the ball,The thing that helps there team to an even bigger advantage is drawing double teams. Most perimeter defenders can't defender todays game without having a help defender. So if the offensive players starts shooting and hitting shots ,well then that frees up a another shooter. If that shooter starts knocking down shoots then you have to challenge him, freeing up another shooter.So they do change the game other then just shooting.

Top playoff scorers

2003 Spurs

Duncan 24.7
Parker 14.7
S. Jackson 12.8
Manu 9.4

2005 Spurs

Duncan 23.6
Manu 20.8
Parker 17.2

2004 Pistons

Richard Hamilton 21.6
Chauncey Billups 16.4

Now, the backcourt may combine for a lot of points but the points each scorer aren’t considered “big time”…big time scorers are around 24+ imo but if you remember, what was the one constant in all those teams Defense…

One constant was there defense and .... perimeter scoring IMO. Of course those teams played great defense and were known for it. They all weren't over the top but had a balanced. But weren't not talkin about team defense I thought??? I already said team defense is more important then just one great perimeter scorer, your going back to what i said.

Richard Hamilton,Chanucey Billups are two of the best perimeter shooters in the NBA and there percentage shows it as well. So you wanna say there not big time scorers..Ok i go with that but your're also saying that didn't have a huge effect when playing other teams. Plus the have Rasheed who is one of the best perimeter shooting big men in the league.

Rasheed 13ppg
Hamilton21 ppg
Billups 21 ppg

in the 2004 NBA Finals.

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