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Why I can't I use Kobe,T-Mac as examples of Perimeter scorers?I'm using the best of the best as my examples. So you want me to use 3point specialist for my examlpes instead of superstars that are just as good on the outside verses your best examples great perimeter defender? That would give you the upper hand but i'm not using them because they're are all perimeters scorers no matter if there a superstar or not.

Ok lets just use superstars that are really well rounded at shooting the three and not every other aspect of the game and compare him to a Raja Bell .Ray Allen a superstar, not well rounded a every aspect of the game, but he is a superstar LARGELY IN PART because he is the best in the game at catching and shooting over players on the perimeter. If he had couldn't shoot on the perimeter then he wouldn't even be a star let alone a superstar.

Main thing I was aiming for here was to explain why cats like tmac,kobe would be taken over raja anyways. Sure they’re scorers and you can legitimately use them to make your argument but its not fair putting a matchup between kobe vs raja when kobe does way more than just score. So anyways Raja vs Ray Allen…but lets say allen is absent…sonics will still find a way to put points…I mean just because Ray Allen scores 25 pts a night doesn’t mean that sonics will score 25 pts less on a given night because of his absence. However, Raja being absent for a game will indeed affect the suns perimeter D, and it will affect the sonics offense too not having allen..but other players will step in and get points…not as effieciently and not in bunches but all in all, they wont have that perimeter defender to give them the edge.

So your saying basically any player that can't put up points isn't a superstar? Totally untrue. Jason Kidd was/is a superstar and he can't shot well from the perimeter . John Stockton,Bob Cousy didn't put up points and i'd classify them as superstars.

No, that’s not what I mean. But tell me something…most fans, would they want to see a scoring battle between kobe and tmac or would they want to see a pistons v. spurs matchup. That’s my point, defensive players aren’t stars but this doesn’t make them less needed

Well they're needed but it still doesn't X out the fact of great perimeter scorers effect the game more when have a great shooting game opposed to a great defender shutting down only 1 man.

The perimeter scorers does change the game more then just shooting the ball,The thing that helps there team to an even bigger advantage is drawing double teams. Most perimeter defenders can't defender todays game without having a help defender. So if the offensive players starts shooting and hitting shots ,well then that frees up a another shooter. If that shooter starts knocking down shoots then you have to challenge him, freeing up another shooter.So they do change the game other then just shooting.

You are dismissing something here. Defensive perimeter players don’t only prevent points. They ruin the opposition’s flow..they target ball movement up top which limits their opponents offense. Kobe may get 40 but he may be shooting a bad FG% and could end up isolating teammates. You say perimeter scorers do change more then just shooting the ball, but most of the time, it is not their specialty…most players that can work off the double team and cause havoc anywhere they go on the court are superstars that are well rounded at everything..or else every scorer in the league would avg 6+ assts and be superstar. But a defensive player has one thing on his mind, target the ball and target the player…that is their job, that is what he’ll do…in today’s game, what separates superstars from scorers is how they fight the double team, setting up teammates, driving the lane, etc…

One constant was there defense and .... perimeter scoring IMO. Of course those teams played great defense and were known for it. They all weren't over the top but had a balanced. But weren't not talkin about team defense I thought??? I already said team defense is more important then just one great perimeter scorer, your going back to what i said.

Richard Hamilton,Chanucey Billups are two of the best perimeter shooters in the NBA and there percentage shows it as well. So you wanna say there not big time scorers..Ok i go with that but your're also saying that didn't have a huge effect when playing other teams. Plus the have Rasheed who is one of the best perimeter shooting big men in the league.

Rasheed 13ppg
Hamilton21 ppg
Billups 21 ppg

in the 2004 NBA Finals.

The point is that there has been championship teams that didn’t have a big time scorer but in this case rather three good scorers…but each had a shutdown perimeter defender whether its tayshaun or bowen.

From the SUPERSTARS Kobe Byant,Ray Allen,Dirk Nowitzki to the STARS Rashard Lewis,Jason Terry,Richard Hamilton to the ROLE PLAYERS Kyle Korver,Mike Miller,Matt Harpring there all Perimeter scorers no matter how you argue it.

We’re talking about “big time” perimeter scorers here…korver, miller, harpring don’t even sniff that list.

You saying you'll agree with me where I said Ray Allen is more important then Bruce Bowen because of his Perimter Shooting is more important then Bruce's perimeter defense proves my point of the argument and your actually agreeing with me on the topic "which is better a perimeter defender or a perimeter scorer

Im not agreeing with which is more important…I am saying that Ray Allen is a better overall player that Bruce Bowen..but I would much rather have Bruce Bowen working on lebron or tmac than having ray allen trying to match them point for point. I mean, look at sonics, no perimeter D whatsoever, where have they gotten..what has ray allen’s 25 pts done?..what has shard’s 20 pts done? playoffs. Now look at bulls…led by less scoring backcourt…but better perimeter D; and it showed in how they frustrated miami..had them yelling at each other. and another example, think back to when sonics acquired watson..they started to get things rolling because they had someone that can defend the perimeter and create more oppurtunties

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