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How many great guards is there in the NBA today? A lot. How many great post players is there in the NBA today? Not a lot. They are becoming more and more important nowadays because of the overall lack of quality big men. Teams that have a great frontcourt and an ok backcourt are much more likely to win the NBA title compared to a team with a great backcourt and an ok frontcourt. The backcourt can only take you so far...If the NBA of today is designed for the guard and they are the most important part of a team, why does a great guard team have yet to lead a team alone to the Finals?
Why are there so many great gaurds? Why are there so few 7 footers who play with there back to the basket? Because the develpement of the league is to play on the wings. I would put Rodman and Longley as a great front court. Dirk lead his team to the finals. A man who plays his game on the wing. And when Avery put KVH in at the center the Mavs played without a single post player.

Don't use the Heat. They would not have gone far without Shaq or Haslem. All those teams made the play-offs with their guards, sure but how far did they go? First, Second round? Dallas and Dirk is another story. Today's get in the paint and dominate post players are a dying breed. Today's successful bigs have good mid-range shooting games and they have developed a more finessful game. We are arguing as to who is more important, perimiter players or post players. Well the way the post is being played is changing so it should still fall under the category of post if these players can shoot and play a much more skilled game. They don't go to the paint as much to give out hits and go up for a dunk like they used to. They don't get in their and use some great post moves as much as they used to. They have developed mid-range capabilities that allow them to do more on the court. This may go away from how I am supposed to be arguing this but I am not going to lie. The frontcourt has changed but it is still the frontcourt.

A post player is a player who plays with his back to the basket. Hell you could use players like Divac who played the High post. A Wing or Perimeter player plays faced up towards the hoop. The NBA is making the wing player more important. History has written one thing David Stern is goin to be a historian by the time hes done cause he will rewrite the book. If you can't shoot the three, drive to the hoop, create fouls you are not goin to be sucsessful in the New NBA, End of story.

I don't care if DW can take them to the play-offs, I want him to lead that weak frontcourt to the title. Success hinges on the big man.

He needs role players. Any player needs role players. GMs now are trying to find there Superstar and put role players around him. Shaq is now a role player. He might be the most dominate role player but he could not take a team as far as DWade could.

I was talking about the ultimate goal of the players not management. As for the guards, they go no where without a solid frontcourt to help them out. Bigs spread the floor and make the game easier for them. What they do goes beyond stats.

How a gaurd breaks down the D. Creates open looks. Run the fast break. Get easy looks for other player. Put the other team into foul trouble. Those don't make the game easier for other players. "Bigs Spread the Floor" No three point shooters spread the floor. I would rather have Barbosa out there to spread the floor then Kurt Thomas.
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