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Default Re: Dallas Trade Idea

If Jason Terry were about 3-4 years younger, I may do it, but I'd pass at this point. We'd be losing a valuable backup PF, a decent draft pick, a valuable expirer, and some decent trade bait in Jack for two aging backcourt players (with Terry having a large contract through 2012) that we would be adding to an already stacked backcourt.

PG: Terry, Blake, Sergio
SG: Roy, Rudy, Stackhouse
SF: Webster, Outlaw, Jones(?)
PF: Aldridge, McRoberts
C: Oden, Przybilla

That trade gives us 5 guys that could actually play (+ Sergio) in the backcourt and only 3 quality guys (+ McRoberts) in the PF/C positions. Sure we could squeeze Outlaw in for some minutes at PF, but I'm not a big fan of that.

So yeah, pass.
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