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Default Re: You are picking between PS3, 360 or Wii

Originally Posted by hotsauce2007
Defo get the xbox here are my reasons

1) there is thousands of more people with a mic to talk to around the world compared to the PS3 and the nintendo wii doesnt even have a headset if thats even got online play.

2)the wii was overrated and many people have haad to return thier console straight away ( i know that i had to after bout a week of having it)

3) the wii has really bad graphics for a console of late 2007-08

4) the ps3 is good but you wwill find that you have more entertining games on the xbox especially call o duty 4 modern warfare

SO BASICALLY: i suggets that you buy the xbox there are more people online with them more peole have headsets resulting in more fun and more challengees from around the world.

1) the wii has online. headsets are great and all, but i can only listen to prepubescent children screaming about noobs for so long. there's not a lot of enthralling conversation taking place on xbox live.

2) the wii was overrated? then why does it continue to sell so well? many people have had to return their console? from what i've read, the only people returning their console are xbox360 owners.

3) the graphics arent that bad. ive got wii games that have much better art direction than some of my 360 games. mario galaxy is gorgeous.

4) call of duty modern warfare is available on ps3, pc, and ds. the next call of duty will be available on 360, wii, ps3, ps2, and pc.

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