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Default Re: Here's what Toronto should do on draft day

Originally Posted by A Roc 23
The bolded are PGs that aren't as good as Ford and the underlined are players who don't even play PG.
You're crazy if you think T.J. Ford is better than Jamal Tinsley.

I would also put Ramon Sessions above Ford, he has only played a few games but has already put up stats that Ford could only dream about.

Felton is better than Ford.

I don't see how you can argue that Gilbert Arenas isn't a PG when his team writes him in as one and he is the primary ballhandler.

Derek Fisher is clutch as hell and plays smart, he's a player T.J. Ford might be one day if he works hard and is very lucky.

Udrih can only go left, but he is a better slasher and shooter than Ford is. You are underrating him because you haven't seen him play, or because he is on the Kings.

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