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Default Re: sonics vs the city of seattle trial

from day three:

"It's difficult for me to be here, can't go to games. I'm not a real popular guy here."

uhhh yeah clay you fu(king dipsh!t

there are other gems:

Clay Bennett expressed regret that he did not get an arena in Seattle and his vision for the Sonics didn't succeed here. PBC lawyer Brad Keller allowed Bennett to point out the positives of relocations and the negatives and pitfalls of being a lame-duck team for two seasons in Seattle.
Here are some key points:

*Bennett said a study showed that the Sonics would make $7 million in year one in OKC and $10 million in year two.
When asked why the team would flourish at a rebuilt arena in Oklahoma, Bennett pointed out:
*Closeness to the court and premium seating is prime real estate
*New courtside suite product that has been developed at new arenas that would occur in OKC
*The new arena would "extract higher revenue that I had been referring to."
*More amenities in the (new) building
*Funding mechanisms in the construction of the building
*The OKC team would have "support of the community, the Hornets enjoyed sellout crowds and wildly enthusiastic support."

Why he needs to leave Seattle now? Bennett said:

*NBA is a highly competitive league
*Free agency -- "Players can choose where they want to play and we are in uncertainty and that is a very difficult element into developing a team. Want to know where their families are going to be, where they are going to practice, where their kids are going to go to school."
*Bennett said he has had very important talent in the organization leave because of the uncertainty
*Bennett wondered, "How do we market this team? How do we attract sponsors for this team for two years?"
*He adds that sponsorship is so competitive could be worth as much as $20 million
Bennett then adds: "It's difficult for me to be here, can't go to games. I'm not a real popular guy here."
"We bought this team with grand visions for success and did weeverything right? No we didn't. Did we understand everything there was to understand? We did not. ... I believed in the bottom of my heart we would succeed and I am disappointed we did not."
The defense finishes with its questioning of Bennett and the city is now cross-examining
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