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Default Re: sonics vs the city of seattle trial

and day four:

here is some of the testimony:

In talking with city attorney Jeffrey Johnson, noted economist Lon Hatamiya who said the Sonics have an average economic impact of $187,842,290 on the Puget Sound area Hatamiya uses multipliers, meaning that money is spent by the fan to a consumer and then spent again and again.

"I took a very conservative approach, taking only half of the players salaries into the economy," he tells Johnson,

In his study, Hatamiya considered the:
*Seattle metropolitan area King and Snohomish counties
*Contributions the Sonics players, fans etc. make to the economy, not only the expenditures
*Once the dollar is spent it multiplies many times over
Hatamiya also added:
*The Sonics support 1,200 to 1,300 full- and part-time times per year
*The Sonics expenditures create jobs

In his study, Hatamita said the Sonics have generated the following "Additional Household Income for Seattle"

2003 $25,605,592
2004 $25,890,767
2005 $26.290,305
2006 $25,330,701

2007 $25,994,647

Hatamiya said in Clay Bennett's "Sonics Relocation Proposal" that he presented to the state legislature in Oklahoma, he used the same multipliers as Hatamiya used
*Bennett said the total annual economic impact for a new team in Oklahoma would be $171,737,588
When asked where the Seattle Sonics dollar will go if the Sonics leave, "It may go away, there's no certainty that money will be continued to spent. Much of that impact will shift to Oklahoma City."

Johnson finished questioning

more at:
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