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Default Re: Here's what Toronto should do on draft day

Originally Posted by High Potential
Ford is not a top 10 PG

Baron Davis
Mo Williams
Chris Paul
Jamal Tinsley
Raymond Felton
Deron Williams
Derek Fisher
Rafer Alston
Jason Kidd
Steve Nash
Tony Parker
Chauncey Billups
Brandon Roy
Allen Iverson
Beno Udrih
Jannero Pargo
Andre Miller
Devon Harris
Gilbert Arenas
Not to mention Ford's own teammate Jose Calderon

If you really look at it, T.J. Ford is really in the bottom 3rd of the league in terms of PGs. I have no idea why Toronto fans overrate that turnover prone midget so much.

You obviously don't watch basketball.

A Healthy TJ ford is a top 10 PG easily. He makes plays, has high energy and can drop a crap ton of points when needed and performs in the clutch. The only problem with TJ is his mental attitude. If he isn't starting, he isn't happy. Thats the only reason Raptors are dealing him. If Jose had a similar attitude, he would be the one leaving and not Ford.

The fact is, many teams around the NBA want Ford. They see his potential, and what he can do when he is happy and healthy. He is injury prone, and when he is unhappy he takes unwarranted shots constantly, but that all goes away when he is in a situation that pleases him. I suggest actually watching him play, and not thinking you know him how good he is by stats.

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