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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Everyone knows that Derrick Rose is a nice player, but just like he himself admitted a month ago, Michael Beasley is a way better player than him. Besides, the Bulls already have a not-too-bad backcourt and they badly need a inside scorer like Beasley. In a word, Beasley fits better in the current Bulls team than Rose. As a consequence, I'd say the Bulls will regret their decision if they do take Rose over Beasley during this draft. Seriously, why do people think the Bulls would draft Rose? Just 'cause he's from Chicago?

People, like me, think the Bulls would draft Rose because he's good, not because he's from Chicago. You do realize that most teams in the NBA rank Rose top two in this draft right? Yes, the Bulls have a decent backcourt, but Rose would be the best player in the backcourt if they draft him. I think a trade will happen from the Bulls end, which will make the decision easier on who to draft. Beasley will be a beast...but so will Rose. They are totally different positions. It's like comparing Jordan to Olajuwon. Both great..but different positions. I can't see Rose being a I don't see how they will regret drafting Rose over Beasley, if that is what they do.
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