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Default Posterize's Mock Draft and Analysis 2.0 (last 15)

16.Philadelphia- Marreese Speights (Philly’s most glaring need is power forward to go along with the future of Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams, and Andre Iguodala. The Sixers are a running style team who struggle in their half court sets. A low post presence is greatly lacking for this team. Without a double team worthy player in the post, defenders were able to stay close to the Sixer’s 3 point shooters and they ranked last in the league in that category. A low post workhourse who shot 62% in college will help.)

17.Toronto- Brandon Rush (It’s believed that Toronto’s biggest need is a center to play next to Chris Bosh and do the dirty work, yet Hibbert, Kofous, and Ajinca are not those players. In recent drafts Toronto has passed on such wing players as Andre Iguodala and Danny Granger. They would be foolish to believe Anthony Parker can be a starter for much longer and to pass on another. B Rush should be the pick here, not another big guy who can’t rebound. Araujo and Bargnani were enough.)

18.Washington- Javale McGee (No real weakness can be seen in the Wizards starting lineup. The worst player in the lineup, Brendan Haywood, had a career year last year. But was it a fluke? His scoring stats could have been padded by the fact that the team had to step up in the absence of Gilbert Arenas. McGee is a project they’ll have to work with, but as long as Haywood keeps playing good ball they won’t need him right away.)

19.Cleveland- Chris Douglas-Roberts (Lets run through Cleveland’s assets. Shooters? Delonte West, Wally Z, Damon Jones. Check. Scoring big man? Big Z. Check. Rebounders/Hustle guys? Ben Wallace and Anderson Varajao. Check. Guys who can create their own shot besides LeBron? Um…ut oh. CDR was maybe the best player in college basketball last year at creating his own shot and fills a void at shooting guard. Cleveland lands a junior All-American at #19.)

20.Denver- Mario Chalmers (If you have Anthony Carter as the starting point guard of your team, do you really expect to advance past the 1st round of the playoffs? Chalmers is a great shooter/defender to team up with Iverson in the backcourt.)

21.New Jersey- Jason Thompson (The nets add to their big man core of Boone, Williams, and Diop. The difference between Thompson and those guys is that he can shoot and score the ball, while the others are restricted to rebounding and defense. Thompson would also be added to the players who stay in the same state as their university.)

22.Orlando- Nicolas Batum (With two sg’s already off the board, and too early to take Lee or Walker, Orlando takes a player who had the potential to be a lottery pick both this year and last year. It’s well known that this is the position that Orlando covets in the draft or free agency.

23.Utah- Roy Hibbert (The pick on my mock that refuses to change. Jazz can't have jarron collins as their backup. Jerry Sloan is the best coach for him and the Jazz halfcourt sets are the best fit for Roy. Okur is also a perimiter big man so Hibbert gives them an alternate look. If you're gonna draft a center, why not one from georgetown?)

24.Seattle- Kosta Koufos (Seattle tries their luck yet again on a project big man. The difference this time is unlike Sene and Swift, they won’t have to use a lotter pick on him. Add in Johan Petro to the list, and Koufos is the only 1 of the foursome who has proved himself on a college basketball level. Wilcox and Collison are more power forward than center, and Seattle has really struggled to fill the tallest position on the team.)

25.Houston- Robin Lopez (The Rockets will eventually need someone who can replace Dekembe Mutombo as the center off the bench when he retires. Lopez will get the chance to learn from both him and Yao Ming on what it takes being a center in the league. Not guarenteed much playing time next year, but he doesn’t really need it as he should have stayed another year in college. A year of sitting and learning from some great big man will do him good.)

26.San Antonio- Alexis Ajinca (Spurs get another big man who hopefully they can keep unlike Tiago Splitter from last year. I wouldn’t be completely shocked if he was contributing last year with Tim Duncan’s minutes starting to diminish and Oberto not exactly the best big man in the game.)

27.New Orleans- Courtney Lee (Lee steps in as a sg that can replace the aging Morris Peterson and Bonzi Wells. The guy is just a great scorer and could eventually form a great backcourt with Chris Paul.

28.Memphis- JJ Hickson (Hickson, along with Kevin Love, will come in and help in the rebounding process while also adding a low post presence. Not as polished as love, Hickson could take some time to develop. He’s definitely someone worth waiting on though as the payoff could be huge.)

29.Detroit- Serge Ibaka (Detroit gets a project big man that they can put overseas and let develop. Size/rebounding is the only need of this Detroit team. Anything else they need to fix will have to be in another way besides the draft.)

30.Boston- DJ White (Boston gets a steal with the last pick of the 1st round in Indiana star DJ White. A player who can step right in and replace PJ Brown in the rotation, White fits right into the Boston championship mold. White averaged 17.4ppg, 10.3ppg, and 1.6bpg in college while improving each of his 4 years. White is young for a senior at 21 years old, only a few months older than OJ Mayo, and won’t turn 22 until the beginning of the regular season. Had Eric Gordon not been the freshman phenom that he was, DJ White could have had All American potential.)
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