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Originally Posted by Bourne
Danny the reason I ask is because of the trades you proposed.

Absolutely nobody wants alvin or eric. And JO > or = the #1 pick. So indiana would have nooooooo reason to make that trade. Hurts them.

If u look at JO's contract.. you wud see that hez owed 80 million over 4 years
Eric william's contract has one year left.
Also there is a condition in Alvins contract that if he gets traded and fails the physical.. the team has the option to pay him some money (I dont exactly know what the amount is) and get rid of him..
So if you look at the whole situation.. it favours indiana as toronto would have to pay JO 80 million over 4 years which would leave us with NO cap room..

That is why i said I would not do this trade personally and these are the reasons Indiana wants to get rid of him so that they can get a fresh start with the # 1 pick and get some cap space.. Also Jamal tinsely is on the block too as his contract is horrible just like ONeal's..
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