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Default Re: Posterize's Mock Draft and Analysis 2.0 (last 15)

great job- i like most all your picks- they all seem to fit that team

i do wonder about your low rankings of hibbert, ajinca, & lopez- especially when you have b lopez going early and deandre jordon at 9??? what can you like about jordon? what is holding you back on the other 3?

for my nuggets at 20 i like chalmers, but i think there is a half a dozen players still on your board that i would pick for the nugs- i would take ajinca- for nugs pg i feel demarcus nelson in rd 2 would be a better fit than chalmers who i hope ends up w the spurs

i think toronto is interesting because i think they have to go c but you made a great case for rush

i just dont like another undersized big for boston- they already have enough of those guys that need minutes like powe & davis- they could use something else more than anothr pf imo ???

do you see alot of trades in this draft? with picks & nba players?
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