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Default Re: Posterize's Mock Draft and Analysis 2.0 (last 15)

great job- i like most all your picks- they all seem to fit that team

i do wonder about your low rankings of hibbert, ajinca, & lopez- especially when you have b lopez going early and deandre jordon at 9??? what can you like about jordon? what is holding you back on the other 3?
i base my mocks off of my own liking, jay bilas rankings, chad ford mocks,,,,insidehoops,newspaper articles, who's bringing in who for workouts, and team needs. most of what I have seen is that hibbert wont go above 17 to toronto. ajinca has impressed in workouts,but not enough to put him above the guys who have been projected in the lottery for months. he was brought in for a workout in charlotte i know,as was hibbert and jordan, but the workout was more to check out jordan against other big man competition more so than to look at hibbert and ajinca. brown loved his potential and athleticism and took time to work on him with hook shots after the workout

for my nuggets at 20 i like chalmers, but i think there is a half a dozen players still on your board that i would pick for the nugs- i would take ajinca- for nugs pg i feel demarcus nelson in rd 2 would be a better fit than chalmers who i hope ends up w the spurs
who are your half dozen? the big difference between chalmer and demarcus is that chalmers will be able to start for them next year, while nelson is more likely to be a backup for his career. i'm not sure who you would take over him, as the nugs have AI and jr smith at the 2, carmelo locked at the 3, and a ton of bigs. anyone you bring in besides chalmers here will most likely have to progress before getting playing time or will be a bench player. chalmers can be a starter for the nugs next year.

i think toronto is interesting because i think they have to go c but you made a great case for rush

i just dont like another undersized big for boston- they already have enough of those guys that need minutes like powe & davis- they could use something else more than anothr pf imo ???
this is the only one i cant defend myself on. i went dj white because I think he has too much talent to go 2nd round. what does a championship team need? i could go with a foreign talent here...but they're mostly big guys like ajinca,jawai,and ibaka.just had to put something in here.

do you see alot of trades in this draft? with picks & nba players?
I think the likely trade teams are phoenix, new jersey, memphis, and indiana. indy isn't talked about much but jermaine o'neal could definately be a piece used to move up high in the draft to either seattle at 4 or memphis at 5.
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