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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

Originally Posted by GOBB
Shot myself in the foot? Last I checked NBA players play with SHOES.

I walk down the street with shoes too, doesn't mean that I'll say I'm 5'9" if someone asks which would be my height in shoes. If someone asks I'll say almost 5'8". Listing any height other than a players height in their barefeet or socks is misleading because a persons height doesn't include the additional height added by shoes. Doe NFL players list height in cleats and helmets? They play in both of those but last I checked they are listed at their real heights.

You also said he's not 6'7" which is in correct because he is 6'7" in atleast one way. I go by barefoot heights and I have good reasons why.

Originally Posted by GOBB
So what relevance does his height without them have? Absolutely NONE. Which is why this entire "He's 6'7" is BS.

It is relevant because some players are listed at their barefoot heights.

The following heights were recorded at the pre-draft camp

Kevin Durant 6'9" w/o shoes, 6'10.25" w/ shoes, listed 6'9"
Chris Bosh 6'10.25" w/o shoes, 6'11.5" w/ shoes, listed 6'10"
Elton Brand 6'8.25" w/o shoes, 6'9.5" w/ shoes, listed 6'8"
Kevin Garnett 6'11" w/o shoes, listed 6'11"
Grant Hill 6'8" w/o shoes, listed 6'8"
Shaq 7'1" w/o shoes, listed 7'1"

Those are just a few examples. Then you factor in that Bosh says he's now 6'11" and KG says he's 6'11 3/4" so that means both are listed an inch under their barefoot height.

So yes barefoot heights are relevant because many players are listed at those heights aswell.

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