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Default Re: Posterize's Mock Draft and Analysis 2.0 (last 15)

Originally Posted by Posterize246
The reason Lopez is so much higher has a lot to do with his age. He's only 19 and is younger than some of the freshman that entered the draft. But I do admit, I'm getting kinda nervous about my Roy Hibbert later than 15 pick. But I'm stickin to my guns. I wouldn't look too much into Hollinger as he's all stats. He's the same guy that said it was impossible for Boston to get passed Cleveland in the 2nd round because of the "stats" and said it was impossible for Spurs to win game 7 in New Orleans. I think he's pretty much a joke.

Not saying that this changes anything, but Lopez is 20 and Hibbert 21. Lopez a year and 5 months younger.
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