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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

Originally Posted by VCMVP1551
If height without shoes was irrelevant than the NBA wouldn't let guys like Shaq, Elton Brand and Kevin Durant be listed at that height.

Who cares? Its the 40 time in the NFL. Game speed, how fast you are with pads on arent measured in the 40. No one runs vertically untouched in the NFL. Yet people make a big deal over it. You care about height without shoes. I dont because it has no effect when plays the game on the court WITH shoes.

Beasley is as much 6'8" when he's on the court as I am 5'9" when i walk down the street. Considering I wear workboots at work does that mean I'm 5'10" when I'm at work? I just don't get it. So if you mean if Beasley was stopped while he was on the court and measured then yes he wouldn't be only 6'7". If that's all that matters though then Shaq would be called 7'3" and Durant would be called 6'10" while Garnett is 7'1" and Bosh is over 7 feet then.

He's 6'8 1/4. Not 6'7.

NFL players wear shoes too and they wear helmets which also add height but there is a reason they aren't measured in both of those and that's because someones real height is measured in their bare feet.

Helmets add height? Wow you are Mr. Irrelevant. Stop trying so hard bruh.

I can't figure it out, height shouldn't be subjective.

He's 6'8
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