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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

Originally Posted by VCMVP1551
And answer this. If height without shoes are irrelevant then why is Shaq listed 7'1", Brand listed 6'8" and Durant listed 6'9"?

I dont know and really never cared. I just dont understand the usage of height without shoes when they make a living in them. And showing up with shoes to make your height seem bigger? Funny. If the NBA season starts and Beasley is on the court. I'm pretty sure whatever sneakers he wears adds inches making him not 6'7.

At the end of the day does that 1 inch 1/4 really make a difference? No.

6'7, 6'8, 6'9...i dont think Beasley being either height matters. Because that inch or two doesnt help his game. Thats why I argue the height thing with Beasley. Not like if he was 6'8, 6'9 without shoes it helps his game. Just makes it look nice on "paper" for people whose perception get aroused over it.

Yes he's 6-8 1/4" but in shoes.

That is all that matters. We're talkin basketball....if you mention height it has to be in regards to him IN SHOES. Otherwise its irrelevant and good for medical checkups. But when me, you and others talk basketball? You use the height he balls in.

We're arguing over a f*cking inch. Think we reached the point of overkill. He's 6'7 to you, he's 6'8 to me, he's a potential bust to someone else, he is a stud muffin to another. Blah
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