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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

Originally Posted by GOBB
How tall is Jamison? Has a similar inside-outside game like Beasley. He's played PF and SF. Same with Shawn Marion who is listed at 6'7.

Jamison was measured 6-7 3/4 so probably 6-9 in shoes and Marion was measured at 6-6 1/2 without shoes and 6-7 3/4 in them.

So both are similar in size but Jamison has a much more polished post game, Marion is more athletic and both are better rebounders especially Marion.

I don't think Beasley can make up for being undersized at the PF position because he just doesn't seem to play that much above his size. I think he'll make a great SF and he can use his size advantage in the post at that position.

Originally Posted by GOBB
At the end of the day does that 1 inch 1/4 really make a difference? No.

Then why start the argument in the first place?

That is all that matters. We're talkin basketball....if you mention height it has to be in regards to him IN SHOES. Otherwise its irrelevant and good for medical checkups. But when me, you and others talk basketball? You use the height he balls in.

A player is measured at 2 heights and NBA players can choose if they want to be listed in shoes or without shoes. So you can go by in shoes height and I can go by height without shoes. I won't correct you if you call someone their height in shoes if you don't correct me for referring to a players height without shoes. It's an easy way to avoid both of us wasting our time.

We're arguing over a f*cking inch. Think we reached the point of overkill. He's 6'7 to you, he's 6'8 to me, he's a potential bust to someone else, he is a stud muffin to another. Blah

Yeah so just don't correct me if I call him 6'7" and I won't correct you if you call him 6'8".
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