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Default Re: Swapping Picks With Memphis

Originally Posted by jailer
I dont think it was to and jj. It was one or the other and the 13th pick. We dont need another point guard. Conley, gay and the fifth pick are untouchable.

What about miller and the 28th pick for outlaw and the 13th pick?

Salaries don't match. Portland I believe is over the cap. I'm not sure, I don't know how they handled that Darius Miles thing but we wouldn't want to trade down to 28. All the guys that we wanted in the late teens and early twenties would be gone by then and we'd have to start looking at positions that we don't really need like centers and power forwards.

The only way I like the Cardinal, Colins, 5 trade is if we release Colins. No need for dead weight on our already heavy roster. At least Cardinal can somewhat shoot and rebound.
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