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Default Re: Predict the busts

Derrick Rose-He is a long way away from being a legit point guard. He was overhyped.

Eric Gordon-Combo sized guard without the combo guard skill set.

Joe Alexander-This year's recipient of the whiteboy bump. He can jump,but his in-game lateral quickness is suspect.

Kevin Love-He had trouble with athletic bigs in college, and his workout numbers are a mirage. If a guy is not athletic on tape his not athletic period.

Brook Lopez-Stanford Bigman

Mike Beasley-Will get it done on the NBA level. Pat had you mofos going.

Walter Sharpe-I thought he was going back to school. Joey D has done it again. He has lottery talent, but has a past. Is a more skilled player than all the bigs drafted not named Beasley.

Darrell Arthur-The slipping he indured may have placed a much-needed chip on his shoulder. Look for him to beast.

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