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Default Re: Predict the busts

Gallinari - as a knick fan, I would have been happier taking brandon rush at the SF spot... I don't like these soft euros at all.

Eric Gordon - undersized and not very polished. That usually doesn't translate well.

Kevin love - an unathletic 6'7 PF. I don't care if he's lost 15 pounds. Not impressive. He should have milked the college game for as many years as possible because he's NEVER gonna see that type of glory in the NBA. He'll be a good role player as the 6th/7th man for a contending team at best imo. Not worth #5.

OJ mayo - everybody underrates his athleticism, and he was probably the most polished player drafted last night. Not very big, but it doesn't matter... He's a big time player

Brandon rush - athletic, he can shoot, and he defends. He has more of an NBA game than a college game imo and we'll see that in the next coming years.

Brook lopez - not as soft as people make him out to be, and I think after three years of NBA experience he will be a stud to the tune of 17/9/2/2. Brooklyn is gonna love him and lebron.

Michael beasley - his tenacity is what impresses me the most... The kid is just mean. Not the tallest player, but neither was barkley. He makes up for it with his body, and I think he'll be a poor man's charles barkley. It doesn't hurt that he's gonna be under riley's eye for the next few years either.

Jerryd bayless - his work ethic combined with his athleticism is what has me sold. Kid will be a lesser monta ellis, I'm very upset that the knicks passed him up last night.
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