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Default Re: Rumor: Kirk Hinrich to Denver

I think I'd do this trade if I were the Bulls if nothing better where to come up. Yes both players are coming back from health or injury problems, but it seems like they'll be fine soon. In previous seasons they were pretty affective players. Most importantly the Bulls get two players with over six years of experience which could only help the youngest team in the league. It might be kind of a gamble at first, but I believe once these players get close to 100% they help out the team. It's great that the Bulls would have a mentor for the gaurds as well as the big men. Also with the first round pick that gives the Bulls more leverage for future trades. If they want they can move up in next years draft by trading both their pick and Denver's pick. Who knows maybe they can add someone really good in the draft or a solid player outside of the draft.
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