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Default Re: Rumor: Kirk Hinrich to Denver

The deal stated for Brand would make sense. They get an above average point gaurd with some experience and a young athletic big man they can develop who once in a while has a 20 and 10 game. At times Tyrus looks unstoppable, but then the next game looks off. That shouldn't be a big issue since he's still really young. The two first rounders are plenty since they stilll should be pretty high picks or somewhere in the middle. I would also include a small unwanted contract or a player that doesn't have a good spot on the roster if it meant getting the Clippers 09' second round pick too. I would love to welcome Brand back, too bad he only spent two years with the Bulls before they traded him for literally crap in return. Hopefully if he were to come back, he would spent the rest of his NBA playing days here.

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