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Default Re: Rumor: Kirk Hinrich to Denver

Originally Posted by plowking
I think you'd need to give up another piece along with Hinrich. Marion is the better player. Plus we have Chalmers now, so I think we would not be as desperate for Hinrich as we once were.

Obviously Bulls would have to give up another player. Anywhere they trade Kirk, I'd love to see Drew go with him, but that likely won't happen.

As for Chalmers, the guy was my favorite Kansas player off the Championship team - but he is no starting point guard. I mean sure he could start with along side Wade, Marion and Beasley - but it's not going to be ideal. Chalmers is the perfect backup point guard. He is an insane defensive player, plays passing lanes better than anyone I have ever seen play. He is a lights out shooter, and clutch as hell. He would always have the ball when the game was on the line at Kansas...and he missed once against Oklahoma State last year. He plays big when the game is big. But no way is he ready to start on a Playoff team in the NBA in his rookie season. So glad Miami picked him though along with Jackson. But they still need someone like Hinrich.

Miami gets...
Hinrich + Gooden + Simmons.

Chicago gets...
Marion + Banks + 2nd round pick.

Chicago is going to get a guy who can give them 20/10 at the PF position and who is a freak who would play well with Rose. Also get a backup point guard.

Miami is going to get that starting point guard they need. And also is going to get Gooden to give them 2 good PF's who could split time and let Beasley play the 3. Hell Gooden could play center against smaller centers and save ZO for the Playoffs.
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