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Default Re: Question (from non cavs fan)

Originally Posted by Mathius
You're not looking at the whole picture. First off, Lebron has more loyalty than the majority of stars out there. He's been quoted as being upset a lot of times when guys were traded, and he has a lot of faith in management. Lastly, he grew up in Akron, he's having a huge house built in OH. (Bath I think) and he WANTS to be here. It's one of his dreams to bring a championship to the Cavs.

Also, the guys we picked up last year, were very specifically picked because all of their contracts expire before Lebron James' contract. Which means we have time to revamp this team at least one more time before Lebron has to make his decision.

Those are the two biggest reasons why I'm not sweating him leaving.

Also, to be perfectly honest, I have never been shy about questioning the Cavs organizations decisions, or personnel (I HATE Mike Brown), and it makes me extremely happy that Lebron is here, not just as a player, but because as long as he's here, and Dan Gilbert is here, the team's front office is going to continue to make moves until they get that championship, and that's something I haven't seen in my lifetime. We watched Mark Price's team go year after year, figuring this would be their time, and never really adding any new pieces to make them better. It was very frustrating.

The Cavs are VERY underrated as is. Not only did they make the Finals two years ago, but this year, I don't think anyone challenged Boston in the playoffs more than the Cavs, including the Lakers. Defense and good half court basketball really DOES win championships.

Appreciate the response, Mathius. FIrst, I'll admit that I really don't see the whole picture. What sparked my thread, however, was this disheartening feeling i'd get before the draft with all of this analyst buzz about Team A or Team B dumping salary to clear cap space for a run at LeBron. It was portrayed as a foregone conclusion that he was leaving instead of reupping in Cleveland. Again, I don't know all of the details or the entire background here, but I'd like to see LeBron stay in Cleveland.

Even though that Ben Wallace acquisition was frustrating, I understand the Larry Hughes situation was just plain bad. I don't think the Cavs are underrated. They're still a second tier EC team alongside the new Toronto and Orlando.

Unfortunately, Z (one of my favorite players), is on the downside of his career. That's not to say he is no longer a capable starting C in the league though. Just for the sake of comparison, lets look @ LAL and how they've progressed from Medvedenko's, Kwame's and Smush's to what their roster is now. Right now, the cavs roster is stuck somewhere in the middle spinning its wheels.
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