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Default Re: Welcome Mr. Bayless

If that were actually the case, we could let Martell and Diogu walk next summer as it is so no trading would need to be made.

I don't think we are getting a quality SF using Raef's contract so I think we'll hold onto him and use his expirer for ourselves. I think we can potentially package some combo of Webster, future picks (1st and/or 2nds), Diogu, and Sergio for a starting SF. That would most likely need to go down before the trade deadline so we can steer clear of the 300% cap hold if we are doing it at all. I think we'll renounce the rights of Diogu so the Jack/Bayless trade not only got us our PG, but it will save us money for next offseason as well.

Also, it still sounds like pipe dream, but Jason Quick said on 95.5 that the Blazers have a good plan to try to get Deron Williams off of the Jazz. That would have to include Bayless and others. I just don't see it happening. He did say that the plan only works because of Paul Allen's money though, so I don't know what that means. Does it mean he's willing to go way over the cap? Or does it mean he's willing to cheat and go under the table with cash? I don't know.
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