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Default Antawn Jamison liked USA experience despite not playing

Washington Post: Back wearing "USA" on his chest, Jamison is sure he'll bring something from Japan to the Wizards' locker room. "I think the most important thing I'm getting out of this is the way these guys approach practices and approach games and the way they carry themselves," Jamison said. "This is a formula for being a successful team, and that is something that, in the past, not all 12 or 15 guys in the Wizards' locker room have been doing."

At a dinner the first night the team gathered in Las Vegas before a two-week training camp last month, Krzyzewski delivered an impassioned speech about how everyone on the team was going to be treated equally.

"He said that on the first night and everyone bought into it," Wade said. "From that time on I think we started becoming a team and it has been working."
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