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Default Re: Welcome Mr. Bayless

Originally Posted by BlazersDozen
It means that he'll pay the luxury tax for 6+ years just to acquire Deron Williams and resign the big four or five.

And I didn't mean LaFrentz straight up, obviously we'd have to package some young talent and probably draft picks but I'm all for it. LaFrentz is a lot more valuable than his skills make him because of his contract. The Lakers got Gasol for basically Kwame Brown because of the 9 million coming off the cap, imagine how much LaFrentz is worth with 13 million. The Knicks would probably give anything for that contract (just for example) and a lot of mid-lower seed play off teams as well.

But for who? It only works when a team is trying to clear space. Knicks have no upgrades at SF so I'd rather not trade Raef in a deal involving them. Nets are another team trying to clear space, but no way do I trade Raef for Vince. So if we want to trade Raef and not keep his expirer--which btw is more important since we added another guy that may someday want a large contract--it would need to be with a team that is rebuiding. So what team will that be?
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