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Default Re: sonics vs the city of seattle trial

Thanks RBP for keeping folks up to date on the trial! The rally was a huge success - an estimated 2500-3500 people were there, along with GP, Xman and Spencer Hawes.

3,000 rally loud and proud to keep Sonics in Seattle:
Sonics greats Payton, McDaniel address throng at courthouse

And, we're finally getting more coverage by national news:

Sonics' future in Seattle to be decided in court this week

Seattle fans not yet giving up on Sonics

Check out YouTube - there's a bunch of "Sonics Rally" videos on there. Here's a sampling:

Great slide show:
"Save Our Sonics - Rally @ the Courthouse"

Verdict will be read at 4pm on Wed July 2.

Info on the trial can be read on the US Dist Court's website at:

From the Public Info PDF on the Court's website, here's a good, to-the-point summary of the heart of the case:
2. Summary of Case # C071620MJP, City of Seattle v. Professional Basketball Club LLC - - - - - The City of Seattle ("the City") has sued the Professional Basketball Club, LLC ("PBC"), in an effort to enforce the terms of a lease that requires the Seattle Supersonics to play all of its home games at KeyArena through the 20092010 NBA season. The City seeks the remedy of specific performance rather than money damages from this Court, and is asking this Court to enter a declaratory judgment ordering the Supersonics to play at
KeyArena for the next two NBA seasons. PBC responds by arguing that the facts and circumstances of this case do not justify specific performance, and seeks to pay its financial obligations to the City under the lease and thereafter be released from it.

Also, SonicsCentral, the blog for SaveOurSonics has up to date discussions about the trial, the draft and other issues about the team.
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