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Default Re: Welcome Mr. Bayless


You support the idea of Lowry? How do you plan on juggling the minutes among 5 Gs? We have Roy, Blake, Bayless, and Rudy. I don't want to add Lowry and take away the minutes from any of them.

G: Blake, Bayless, Sergio (could add Koponen)
G: Roy, Rudy

So yeah, I'd much rather keep Webster than bring in another PG.

As for the contract stuff. I think by adding Bayless, we need to be even more careful about the salary cap before. We had 3 guys that potentially could earn max dollars in the future. Bayless will at least get a large contract that we'll have to add to the mix as well. Trading LaFrentz means potentially not having the money in the future to keep our core together. Thats my fear now.

Btw, Butler/Jamison/Prince are the only guys I would want to trade Webster for out of the guys listed. Especially Prince. I think he would be perfect.
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