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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Wow, I'm not even a Yankee fan but this was one of the most biased things ever...


Reyes: .297/.350/.489
Jeter: .343/.420/.483

So basically Reyes hit for a tiny bit more power and that's it. Jeter gets on base WAY more (Reyes is creating far more outs than Jeter) and is the much better hitter. Jeter is also a better (more efficient) base stealer. Reyes is the better fielder though. There is a reason why Jeter will probably win the MVP this year...

Only slightly this year though.

ARod is having a bad year (relative to what he can do) but still putting up big #'s anyways. Both are crap fielders as well. Yes, once you look past some of Wright's highlight plays, he's a pretty bad 3B ( )

Wrong again.

Giambi gets on base at a much better rate and is hitting for more power this year. Delgado has a higher average and that's it.

Obviously but why are you comparing those two. It should be Beltran > Damon. A healthy Sheffield is better than anyone the Mets can put at RF, LF or DH (when they get it).

Because the NL is a total joke this year. This should be common knowledge by now.

Jeter is a more efficient base stealer? C'mon, Reyes has 50+ and leads the league. Reyes also has more HR. Also, its no suprise that Jeter has more RBI, because Reyes bats first in the linup. 7 of 10 times when he steps up to the plate, there is noone on base.

Wright plays amazing 3B compared to Rodriguez, and there is the age factor. Wright is only in his second season. Wright is also more consistent than Rodriguez. Wright is better.

Delgado has a better average. Giambi has 1 more HR, and 6 more RBI. Not much of a difference. Delgado plays 1B better though, defense is a factor.

He said that Sheffield was better than any DH we had, and we usually have Beltran DH. And Beltran > Damon anyway.

How about, we have a better record, because we are a better team.
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