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Default What The Warriors should n shouldnt Do

Well lets start wit the haters saying J-Rich should be gone. Helll nooooo. Maybe start with a decent supporting cast. Baron Davis was a damn good start, I'm one of hes biggest fans but can honestly say i dont think hes a good fit for the Warriors, We were actually better off wit fischer. Trade him for sumthing good while hes still worth it. Better get rid of Dunleavy, Foyle and sum of the supposebly untouchable youngens. We been building for 13 years or so. Start gettin some veterans so we can atleast get into the playoffs. Once we're there u start by getting some fresh meat to back up the veterans. I cant believe Dunleavy is actually in the NBA. he shoulda atleast started in the nbdl or europe or sumthing. Try trading Troy murphy for sum1 like Al harrison woulda been good, but seems like thats to late. But we need sum1 intimidating and proven upfront. Cant blame a fresh team forever. J-rich has showed how much he does for this team but its not a one man game. LEts get some proven names in here, Nellie was a good start, but shoulda been alot more action in the offseason. Here who i reckon we should defenately keep, J-Rich, Cheaney ( needs hes locker room antics ), Diogu (Maybe), and pietrus. Start shopping hard wit the rest cause this is getting overly depressing being a Warriors fan. How bout a Baron Davis, Troy Murphy and Dunleavy trade for an excellent but expiring contract from sum1, if who ever we get dont wanna stay longer atleast we get a massive relief off the payroll. What you verdist on this situation ?
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