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Default Raptors Roster Up to date...With Salaries

Jermain O'Neal C/PF $21,352,500
Chris Bosh PF $14,410,581
Jose Manuel Calderon PG $7,500,000 - $1,107<-----Estimation after Jose gives back to the Raptors.
Jason Kapono SF $5,784,480 <-----Starting after that great playoff run.
Anthony Parker SG $4,550,000

Andrea Bargnani $5,176,440
Kris Humphries $3,200,000
Joey Graham $2,449,184
Jamario Moon $711,517
Roko Ukic $550,000<-----Estimation.
Hassan Adams $550,000<-----Estimation.

Still on our cap space:
Jorge Garbajosa SF $2,350,000<----Buy out estimation.
*If Garbajosa is signed to a contract in Europe, our cap hit will be decreased by one-half the difference between the player's new salary and the minimum salary for a one-year veteran.

Totals: $68,583,595
Salary Cap: $58,680,000
Over The Cap: $9,903,595 -
+MLE: $5,000,000 = $14,903,595 Over The Cap???

The tax level for the 2008-09 season has been set at $71.150 million
These figures could be off from about 2 - 3 million up or down but non the less we are in Cap trouble.

Team Free Agents:
Carlos Delfino
Primoz Brezec

Were not going to resign Delfino period!
We probably won't sign a MLE unless there is a trade of course...
But what do we have to offer other teams?
The only trades this team will make is to lower its salary Cap.
We should stop all this talk about getting a major free agent and face the fact that this team is now complete!

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