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Default Re: Raptors Roster Up to date...With Salaries

Originally Posted by Molson
I don;t see why they would start Moon. He was a good fit last year because we needed rebounding and help defense and he gave that to us from the three spot. With Oneal now signed, we don;t have that need any more.

It's safe to assume the ball will find its way in to the post more often than not this year. Moon becomes a huge liability on offense because he can;t spread the floor and whoever is guarding him can cheat to the post because he is not a threat from the outside.

Kapono is a great fit for this type of offense. It will be tough to double Oneal or Bosh when they have the ball on the inside given that parker, kapono and calderon can all shoot. If moon is in that lineup, other teams will be abel to adaot and send some help in the post. Kapano's poor man defesne is also not as much of a liability because of the two bigs protecting the paint.

Moon is simply not a fit for this lineup whereas Kapano is. Can't see how Moon starts over Kapono.

Nice post i enjoyed that, good reasoning. I always thought moon was so-so, id much rather have him comming off the bench because of his inability to make jumpers. I always cringe when i see him try to take three's.
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