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Default Mullin is Go Backwards

You look at this team's recent success and you'd have to agree that Baron Davis was its main reason. Davis was the best player to be in Golden State since Chris Webber and the Warriors didn't even put a fight in trying to re-sign him. He's going to end up a Clipper for 5 years and $65M which works out to be $13M a year (averaged). Everyone assumed that Baron was going to ask for some astronomical amount but $13M is highly reasonable for a player of Baron's quality. Even if the Warriors were to offer him 5 years for $70M ($14M a year), it still would of been a good deal as he would be 35 years old when that contract expires. In the reality of basketball, a 5 year contract could easily be a 4 year contract especially with expiring contracts having such a vast appeal.

Whats done is done and lets move on, or should I say, lets go backwards. Anyone who really thinks this team, as it stands, is better than last season's is going to have a rude awakening. After 13 years, the Warriors finally put a winning product on the floor and as quick as they were to make the playoffs, that team gets torn apart. Mullin is putting so much emphasis on Ellis, the supposed future, that he'll end up overpaying a 6'3 guard that can't play the point. Name one 6'3 shooting guard that has had star impact? Iverson? He can play the point or at least defend that position. Monta can't. Dwayne Wade? He's a 6'5 in shoes. What Monta will end up to be is an Eddie House, Luther Head, Juan Dixon or Leandhro Barbosa. At best, a Jason Terry which would be nice, but not worth the contract that Monta is going to get. Whats the use anyways? In 5 years, if Monta becomes this big star player, the Warriors will dump him for cap space like they did with Richardson and in ways, Baron Davis.

Mullin's draft record has been horrendous as well since he's more drawn to projects. O'Bryant didn't work out and neither did Peitrus and Diogu. Who knows what Brandan Wright, Belinelli, and Randolph will bring but they are still year's away from really contributing. So in the near future, this team is destined to wilt into the lottery and being a permanent fixture at the bottom of the Western Conference while teams like Portland, New Orleans and every other team are striving to get better. GS only wants to get cheaper while jacking up ticket prices so they can make more money off the loyal fans. Good business idea, but bad taste.

So whats next? They re-sign Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins to bigger contracts than they are worth just to keep them as a their young core. Sounds familiar huh? Remember Dunleavy and Murphy? There's too many unknowns about both of those guys. Can Ellis play the point? As of right now, absolutely not. This team went 2-11 with him at the point the previous season as he turned the ball over more times than he had assists. His defense stinks and his frame doesn't suggest he would get much stronger to be a Cuttino Mobley type bowling ball guard and is Mobley even worth that kind of contract? Can Biedrins play defense without fouling? Thats a lot of paper to shell out for a guy that lacks any kind of offensive moves and is hardly a Tyson Chandler on the defensive end and boards. If selling tickets is more important, they should of just gotten Yi Jianlian by throwing everything they could along with the kitchen sink to Milwaukee, including this year's lottery pick.

2008-09 Prediction: This team goes 29-53 with 32 wins at most.
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