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I said they are NOT CLASSIFIED as living things. Just going by what the textbooks say.

Nonsense. There is no textbook that says that. A virus is a living thing just as much as you are.

All living things are made up of one or more cells. In the case of humans we have trillions of cells. For example there are blood cells, skin cells, brain cells (not many in your case), bone cells etc. The majority are very much alive, which they have to be to perform their functions.

They can be killed just like a virus. For example if you get a bad sunburn your skin will turn red and it will be painful. After a few days you will start peeling as the DEAD SKIN CELLS turn white and can be peeled off painlessly, because they are dead. They are replaced by living skin cells.

You must have failed biology, or you never took it.

"One settled the Europe area, another settled the African area, and another settled in the China area, along the way they crossbreeded and such. That's the Christian belief."

I'd like to know how they cross bred since they were separated by thousands of miles. maybe God transported them across great distances to get laid, sort of a divine pimp.

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