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Default Re: Old Euro Game... Drazen VS Sabonis

Two of the greatest players ever. ****ing soviets wouldn't let Sabonis out when he was drafted, and then when we got our independence back, he was a king in Spain, winning everything possible, obviously he didn't want to leave yet.
The 2 players are incomparable, they never played the same position, so it's hard to tell, but I think Sabonis was a better player overall. Drazen was really really really good. The Croatians and Lithuanian are always good at basketball, but today, Lithuania would beat Croatia, and I think they did back in the day. My parents told me of the battles between former Yugoslavia and the Soviets, it was literally a war. The Soviet Union team was made up of mostly Lithuanians, at least the main players, and that's why it should never be refered to as russia. Sabonis would have been Michael Jordan's main rival, no question, the same would be with Drazen. Unfortunately neither happened for long enough.
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