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Originally Posted by JSub

Of course its a reality.
If you'd bother to take an environmental science class, it would be obvious to you. Record temperatures in multiple regions, record number of devasting storms and hurricanes, disruption of the ocean current and el nino system, rise in sea level, blah blah blah. All just coincidence? Are you still confused? :confused:

Umm just to let you know, we have no clue about that. We just havent had records on the temperature long enough to know if its anything more than just a cycle. In the 50s everyone said the world was about to go into another Ice Age. This is one thing that at least for the moment is beyond the knowledge of ANYONE on the planet. If your environmental science teacher told you that global warming is true beyond a shadow of a doubt he should be fired immediately. What is true is that the eart is warming right now but we have no way of knowing to any reasonable degree of certainty its cause.
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