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They can't think or act on their own,

You brought up white blood cells earlier, which attack viruses. How do they know what to attack if they can't act on their own?

Did you ever think that these families traveled together for sometime. They didn't have an airport at Mt. Ararat and just take off right there. They walked. It could have easily taken years upon years for the families to even get to a separating point.

First of all you are talking about creation and yet you haven't addressed where these people on Noah's arc came from. Did they come from Adam and Eve? You still haven't said how the first humans were "created".

And if they were walking to separate continents it is safe to assume they were walking in different directions.

Even if they did stay together for a long time there would still be inbreeding if they started out with only 3 families. Are you really trying to say that all of us are descended from 3 families?
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