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Originally Posted by Kobe24
Ask yourself this: If it was Texas,would Bush have reacted faster?

Now shutup. I suggest making a new username since your rep has been tarnished with the PM situation.

The notion that Bush didn't care about them or did nothing for them when the morons had days or advance warning, not to mention that during the previous year before a hurricane hit, there was a chance of it smashing into NOLA and the doomsday scenario that happened was discussed. The people who stayed behind were idiots and a lot of them were/are total degenerate scumbags, as the looting demonstrated. And as the increased crime rates wherever they've gone in large groups really attests to.

New Orleans was ****ed to start with. Great city planning...."Wow..they get a lot of hurricanes here.....let's build a city in that bowl! Brilliant!"

You find it in every hurricane. Hundreds of people (or idiots as some of us call them) that think the hurricanes won't hurt them, won't destroy their home like all the others, and refuse to leave. Then wonder why there isn't help on their front doorstep the second they are in trouble. Guess what, they were warned. In fact, Katrina gave a lot more warning than most hurricanes. Andrew gave little time to Miami, Charley gave little time to Port Charlotte (spent 6 months living in a hotel thanks to this one ). These people knew that they had Levees that were basically designed hundreds of years ago, and thought staying was a good idea....and then pissed when, suprise suprise, they broke.

And why the President is responsible for something that it is suppose to be controlled by City and State goverments, FEMA, and local Nation Guard always confused me. All the president should really be responsible for is saying "Yes, it is a federal disaster" (And if I'm not mistaking, I believe he declared it a disaster before it even made landfall)

And why lay any responsibility at all on the Governor and Mayor of the very city where such a disaster took place? Why, because the President runs everything! It's BUSH driving up the gas prices, it was BUSH who left those people in New Orleans, cackling gleefully at their suffering.

You know what? I bet he SUMMONED Hurricane Katrina!

"Hee hee hee. **** Cheney says there's lots of minorities and poor people in New Orleans. I don't like either of those groups, because as you know, I'm a Republican, and so I must hate anyone who's not rich and white! HEE HEE HEE!"

Let's not blame the city officials for piss poor planning of their city. Let's not blame the people for staying. Let's not blame state officials for not being prepared. I's not like they have had to deal with major hurricanes before....oh wait....they have...several times.....

I guess they were all sitting on their hands with Katrina bearing down on them waiting for the words of wisdom from Bush.

I'm sure the Democrats will also blame Bush for New Orleans building their city in a bowl 200 years ago. Time travel machine to go back in time and tell them to do it.

Let's not play the normal democrat game of "This is what the republicans are doing wrong" I got enough of that from Kerry. We are gonna play a new game. Why don't you tell us what Bush SHOULD have done after Katrina hit. Not the state officials, not his directors, not the guard...him personally.

I'm not saying the federal goverment has no responisbilty, I'm saying the president's main responisibilty ends at Declaring a Federal Disaster Area. (Once again, I'm fairly sure this was done before landfall) Once he declares that it is the people under him trained in this that are responsible.

BTW, for your reading:

The United States Northern Command established Joint Task Force (JTF) Katrina based out of Camp Shelby, Mississippi, to act as the military's on-scene command on Sunday, August 28.[59] Approximately 58,000 National Guard personnel were activated to deal with the storm's aftermath, with troops coming from all 50 states.[60] The Department of Defense also activated volunteer members of the Civil Air Patrol and the United States Coast Guard activated more than 400 reservists.[61]
Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, decided to take over the federal, state, and local operations officially on August 30, 2005, citing the National Response Plan.[62]

Seems to me the Government was on this the day Katrina hit. You want a scapegoat, Michael Chertoff is your man.

I think he's done pretty much as good a job as any other person elected president would have done. That includes the war on terror, Katrina (which he gets scapegoated for, the blame belongs on all exective leaders in all levels of government.), the economy and Supreme Court appointments.

Does anyone really think that Katrina would have been handled better is Kerry or Gore was president? If so, tell me why.
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