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Default Re: So who's gonna be comming off the becnh for Jose?

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
That's a good question ..he said he wants to be a starter so lets see him deal with starter minutes over a long period of time .

If it's any consolation Calderon seems to have really good Cardio

Calderon is playing in his third season in a row through the summer. Having played three years in TO at 82 games per indicates he has the strenght to play a whole season. The concern about stamina is the same one for every one who is playing Olympic ball this year. Many players are playing for a third straight summer and that's just to much ball for all of them.

NBA players need a break from the contact from this sport. The stresses put on knees, ankles, feet ect. is simply to much for any young player to withstand without a break. I wish Olympics would return to amateurs, let them get their day, maybe their break to get that big pay check. The pro's need the break.
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