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Dunking on everybody in the park
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Live gets hated too much on what its not. A basketball simulation. Its a basketball game for christ sake. Live emphasizes the amazing moments of basketball. The dunks, the outlet passes. The transition threes. The posterizations. The huge blocks. The AND1s. The ankle breakers. I don't want to play 2 min quarters of "realistic" shyt, where the score is like 10. I want a fast paced fun game. EA offers it, and its fuking successful despite the hate.Hell the other franchises are all the same. Madden, NHL 06. *** baseball I don't care about baseball.

seriously who here plays more then 2-3 min quarters, if you do, you really need a life. People play live for 8 mins. Go do something else. I don't see why they even put the option of having a real full game, no one is gonna spend 48 mins playing a match.
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